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MIA- Marlins Fans [Apr. 11th, 2005|11:27 pm]
National League East


I just saw the highlight of Burrells homer in Florida. What I couldn't help but focus on wasn't the ball but the empty seats. Where are the Marlins fans? I'm pretty sure they won the World Series pretty recently, at least get some bandwagoners on there. I thought maybe I wasn't getting an accurate representation since it just showed one or two sections but still. I remember watching games last year where there were liek 2 fans. Do you guys just not like baseball that much? I feel like the 'fins get a lot of love.
For any Marlins fans reading this, I respect you guys...try and round up some more people and get out to some games! That way, if I end up going to grad school in Florida, I'll be outnumbered.

From: czpianist
2005-07-09 09:38 pm (UTC)
well, actually, the marlins have more fans then they used to. also, the stadium is situated in miami and is possibly going to be moved further into miami next to the orange bowl so the marlins can have their own stadium. however, according to an article i once read, most of teh fans that attend marlins games come from outside miami. 40 % from broward county, 20% from palm beach county, and the other 40% from miami-dade county. maybe if the marlins moved up next to lockhart stadium in broward county (which was a proposed idea) then they'll get more fans from palm beach and broward county willing to make the drive, maybe even from other counties further north of that. besides, i live like 3 blocks from lockhart, so i would be able to walk to the games if i want :D
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