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New here and Braves photo cds! - National League East [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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New here and Braves photo cds! [Oct. 11th, 2005|08:58 pm]
National League East
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Sorry if you have already gotten this post. I'm sending it to a few groups.

Name: Melanie
Age: 25
Favorite Player: John Smoltz and Marcus Giles
Favorite Braves Rookie: Brian McCann - I met him a few weeks ago, and he was so sweet and FINE in person!
Reason for joining: I am a huge Braves fan, and I have tons of photos from this season and last. If you're interested, I will be selling cds once I finish editing the last game in the batch. You can e-mail me and I will send you information once I decide on final prices. I have at LEAST 1000 pics from just this season, of various players... =)


*Actually I just finished counting the TOTAL amount of pictures last night, and it is over 1400 pics!! I am still working on the prices. Once again, e-mail me if you're interested and I will e-mail you back soon.