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Braves photo cds for sale! [Oct. 12th, 2005|03:59 pm]
National League East
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It took FOREVER to get them together, but I have over 1400 Atlanta Braves pics for sale from JUST this season! Here's the deal...you will have two choices to choose from. You can either buy ALL of the photos on 3 cds, OR you can choose which players you want on the cds (considering I have pictures of those players). All prices INCLUDE shipping and handling! And I only ship to the US!

2005 season (over 1400 photos)
All photos (3 cds) - $20
Individual players (1 cd) - $7
(2 cds) - $14
(3 cds) - $20
*The number of cds for individual players depends on what players you choose*

2004 season (over 800 photos)
All photos (3 cds) - $15.50
Individual players (1 cd) - $7.50
(2 cds) - $10.50
(3 cds) - $15.50

Some events from the 2005 season include: Brian McCann signing, Jerseys Off Our Backs, NASCAR night, and various Braves games.

Some events from the 2004 season include: John Smoltz, Mark DeRosa, Nick Green, and Charles Thomas signings, Baseball 101 Clinic, Jerseys Off Our Backs, NASCAR night, Braves Power Lunch (DeRosa, Giles, Gonzales, Green), Family Day, and various Braves games.

I only accept money orders, personal checks, or cashiers checks. Once I receive the payment, and everything clears (if paying by personal check), I will immediately ship the photos. If you have any questions, just ask. And if you want a few examples of photos, I will send them to your e-mail. All photos are the original size, besides some being cropped a little. And they DO have my e-mail addy, but it is not in the way of the image.

E-mail me if you are interested. If you reply to the post, I won't have your e-mail address.

Last thing, I will include a folder called "Extra" that will hold the images that have more then one player. It was easier to organize the photos that way. So if you ask me how many photos a certain player has, the number I give will ONLY be the number in that player's folder...and there will PROBABLY be more photos of that player in the "Extra" folder. Does that make sense? lol

I THINK that is all. Once again, e-mail me so I will have your e-mail address. lemony98@yahoo.com